• Yin Yoga Workshop
    with Jenn Converse
    Verfügbare Pakete:
    45,00 $One-Day Workshop (2023-03-26)

    Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissue and the fascia which surrounds muscle fibers. This is a passive practice where mainly supine postures are held for three to five minutes. Yin helps lengthen the muscles and connective tissue to improve joint mobility and release trauma stored in the joints and muscles.

    This workshop will be accompanied by the soothing sounds of the quint art drum, handspan, and kaa tone drum, to bring deep relaxation, assisting in deepening the posture, and helping you enter into a meditative state.

    Suitable for all levels of experience, including beginners.

  • Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra
    with Angela Strynkowski
    Verfügbare Pakete:
    45,00 $One-Day Workshop (2023-04-02)

    Take time for yourself to indulge in an afternoon of complete relaxation. Still your body and quiet you mind in restorative yoga postures supported with blankets, bolsters, and blocks to ensure your comfort so that you may release all tension in the body and float into a state of peace and calm. In this state of calm we enter into the Yoga Nidra practice, a guided meditation, moving deeply into your consciousness, to bring insight, clarity, and  peace.

  • Sound Journey
    with Yvonne Suzuki Licopoli
    Verfügbare Pakete:
    30,00 $One-Day Workshop (2023-04-07)

    Set an intention, then allow the vibrations of gongs, crystal alchemy singing bowls, and other exotic overtone instruments to embrace your body at a cellular level. This induces deep relaxation and harmonic entrainment which clears obstructions, elevates consciousness, and sets the foundation for healing and clarity to occur.

  • Introduction to Sanskrit
    with Manorama .
    Verfügbare Pakete:
    125,00 $One-Day Workshop (2023-04-08)

    This Sanskrit Studies Method course is an introduction to the Sanskrit language and the culture of the modern yogi. We will look at select sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet, two commonly chanted mantras in yoga classes around the world. We’ll practice pronouncing select asana names. You’ll also be introduced to Luminous Soul Meditation and select principles for authentic yogic living.

    You’ll leave this Sanskrit Studies Method: Introduction to Sanskrit workshop feeling more confident and knowledgeable in your understanding of Sanskrit and how to incorporate proper pronunciation and Luminous Soul Meditation into your life.

  • Cacao Ceremony
    with Anna Papadakis
    Verfügbare Pakete:
    45,00 $One-Day Workshop (2023-04-22)

    Ancient indigenous practices combine with yogic practices to energize and align chakras. 

    Holotropic breathwork, mantra, and meditation, enhanced by the drinking of ceremonial grade cacao, results in elevated awareness and self-love. 

    In this workshop we honor our body, senses, and being, integrating them to transcend limitations, sharpen focus, and enter into bliss, which is the goal of all yogic practices.

    Registration closes on April 21, so save your space early.


  • Mysticism & Madness: The Legacy of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
    with Joshua M. Greene
    Verfügbare Pakete:
    60,00 $Mysticism & Madness: The Legacy of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (2023-06-12 | 2023-06-14)

    What is a mystical experience? Can anyone have one? How does it happen? Where does the spiritual quest take us?

    This workshop reveals the unseen dimensions of creation as perceived by the 16th-century mystic Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The program includes powerpoint, analysis of mysticism in contemporary language and experience, the non-material self, transmigration, varieties of mystic experience, and the role of yoga in achieving inner vision.

    Available in studio and online.