• Intro to Mindfulness Meditation
    with Angela Strynkowski
    Available Packages:
    $20.00One-Day Workshop (2022-01-23)

    Mindfulness is a powerful technique for stabilizing and strengthening our mind, and for developing clarity and insight.

    Confirmed by the experience of millions of human beings over thousands of years — as well as by the research and findings of contemporary neuro-science — incorporating this practice into your daily routine can create long-lasting benefits.

    Regular meditation practice can help you:

    • Lower your stress level
    • More easily connect with others
    • Improve your focus
    • Be kinder to yourself

    We will also practice Metta (Loving Kindness) Meditation.

    We will have time for discussion and questions.

  • Beginner Series
    with Angela Strynkowski
    Available Packages:
    $85.00Beginner Series (2022-01-29 | 2022-02-26)

    This four week series is the perfect place to begin your yoga practice. Classes are kept small to ensure individual attention. We will go slowly, breaking down the components of each pose, and offer modifications and variations to suit your body and needs. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, which is not always possible in a regular group class setting.

    We will cover the major standing, balancing, seated, and reclining postures of the Hatha Yoga system. You will learn an introduction to yogic philosophy, breathing, and yoga etiquette. 

    Every body is different, and abilities and preferences vary.  After this series you will know what type of classes will serve you best.

  • with Peter Landini
    Available Packages:
    $75.00Qigong (2022-02-09 | 2022-02-23)

    Qigong is the ancient practice of harmonizing one's internal energies on a physical, emotional, mindful, and spiritual level. As you develop the awareness of the natural flow of these energies, obstructions can be dissolved, released, and let go. 


    In this workshop, we will work through specific areas of physical tensions, energy locks, and emotional blockages that may be preventing the free unencumbered flow of living.

  • Thai Yoga Face & Scalp Massage for Couples
    Available Packages:
    $75.00One-Day Workshop (2022-02-12)

    Learn how to give your partner a loving and relaxing Thai Yoga Face & Scalp Massage for Valentine's Day.

    You will learn the marma points associated with these areas and learn how to stimulate them to increase prana and healing.

    You will learn how to create a comfortable space in which to transmit intentions of love, healing, and relaxation.

    This workshop includes demonstrations followed by mentored practice sessions. You will have an opportunity to give your partner a massage and receive a massage from your partner.

  • Sound Journey
    Available Packages:
    $30.00One-Day Workshop (2022-02-18)

    Lie in savasana while you embark on a cleansing journey on the wings of pure and perfect sound.

    This is not a performance, but a sacred sound experience created by the transformative powers of the tonal vibrations of seven gongs, 14 crystal alchemy signing bowls, and other exotic overtone instruments.

    You will feel the peaceful energy of harmonic resonance as it permeates your body at a cellular level, inducing deep relaxation as chakras align, clearing obstructions, setting the foundation for healing to occur.

    Bring your mat, a pillow, a blanket, and a mask.


  • Chakra Balancing Workshop
    with Angela Strynkowski
    Available Packages:
    $55.00One-Day Workshop (2022-02-27)

    Chakras are a part of the Subtle Body or Psychic Anatomy, which influence our body, our emotions and behaviors. As energy centers of the body, we need to have them spinning freely an unobstructed.

    In this workshop, you will learn about the seven major chakras and their states of consciousness from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and beyond.

    We will practice techniques to open and balance them, and learn about foods, essential oils, sounds, and mantras that correspond and activate each chakra.

    Through Vinyasa Yoga we will employ asana, mudras (hand postures), and chanting to bring your psychic energies into harmony.