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Elise Ingenito

"Handstand Coach"

As a wife, mother of three active kids and four rescue pups, Elise knows all about juggling life to squeeze in some “me time”.  Balance has always been key in her life, which is why after 14 years as a computer programmer, she began the journey of turning her lifelong passion for fitness -- and pursuit of balance -- into a full-time career. 


Elise is a certified AAPTE Personal Trainer, and has practiced, taught, and became certified in multiple disciplines, including yoga, hand balancing, gymnastic strength training, stretch therapy, FRC, Kinstretch, Kickboxing, Animal Flow, and more. And she’s still learning!


Elise began hand balancing at age 36 and is living proof that it’s never too late to follow your dreams and create the best version of yourself.  For Elise, fitness is a lifestyle and training for longevity is the basis of her practice.


Elise has travelled the world to learn from some of the best hand balancers and continues to seek out world-class training opportunities. Her practice is a culmination of hard work, determination, and the personable and light-hearted qualities of her character. Elise values the freedom of movement that developing strength and flexibility allows and encourages both hard work and fun in her classes.


When she’s not running her business, teaching others, learning something new, or spending time with her family, you can find Elise upside-down!


"As a coach, I'm passionate about helping people meet and exceed their goals...  and celebrate with them when they do!" – Elise :)

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